Positive Outcomes Dog Training is only here because of an amazing dog named Monroe (pictured to the right). Our certified dog trainer, Indi adopted Monroe back in 2008. At the time, she didn't realize that Monroe was aggressive towards people and other dogs. This ended up being a blessing rather than a curse. Because of Monroe, Indi became a certified dog trainer, and dedicated her life to helping other people with their "behaviorally challenged" dogs. 


It can be very difficult to have a dog who's unpredictable and aggressive. It's nerve racking taking them on walks, or having company over. However, the right training can help immensely. Our trainer, Indi, has been working with families and their dogs to find a peaceful balance for ten years now. She will help you set up a system that works well for your family, to greatly reduce the likelihood of your dog showing aggression towards another person or animal in the future.


Indi will carefully guide your dog through positive reinforcement training to help them feel more secure, and hand control over to you in situations where they would normally react aggressively. You'll also learn how to peacefully establish a clear hierarchy so that your dog can relax, and trust you to guide them through stressful situations. This is essential for long term success with training your dog.


We're so glad that you're here, and would love to hear more about your dog, and how we can help you. If you have any questions, or would like to meet with Indi, please give us a call today (910) 320-8538. 

Rest in Peace, baby girl ❤️🐶. Monroe wa

Rest in Peace Monroe. 2007-2019