Meet Your Dog Trainer

Hey everyone, I'm Indi and this is my dog Bear. I grew up in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in Virginia and relocated to Wilmington, NC in January, 2020. When I'm not training dogs, you can usually find me on the trails with Bear!. 


Believe it or not, I had a phobia of dogs that lasted into my early twenties. I finally got past my fear in 2008, by doing regular walk-throughs at the local pound. During my first visit, I spotted a beautiful pit bull in the very back of the shelter. She really intrigued me and I felt a connection with her, but I was too scared to get her out of the kennel. After three months of regularly visiting the shelter, I was told by staff that she would be euthanized that weekend if I didn't adopt her. So I took the plunge. After only a few minutes with her, I knew she wouldn't hurt me and my fear was completely gone.


I brought her home, and within a few days, she started showing signs of aggression towards people and other dogs, as well as severe separation anxiety. There was absolutely no way I was taking her back to the shelter. I was at a complete loss, and that's when I began looking for solutions. I decided to go to school to learn all about dog behavior and training. I enrolled in a dog training certification program through Penn Foster. That chain of events changed my life in so many beautiful ways, and I'm so grateful that I can do what I love.

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing families and their dogs. I've enjoyed working with puppies, as well as adult dogs of all different breeds and personalities. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside Montgomery County Animal Shelter, and Friends of Animal Care and Control in Christiansburg, VA from 2017-2019. There, I helped train the staff and volunteers in behavior assessment, dog training and stress reduction for the dogs in their care. I also worked with new adopters help their dogs acclimate to their new environment. Our goal was to help these amazing dogs have their best chance at a successful adoption. 

While I was working there, I did a behavior assessment on the sweetest, and most hilarious pit bull. Little did I know I'd be adopting him 8 months later, the day before I moved to Wilmington. Our family jokes that we're all "bears", so of course I named him Bear. He goes to work with me a few times each week to help dogs with specific behaviors. 


Bear and I are loving Wilmington so far, and the amazing community here. We look forward to meeting you.

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Indi's gentle approach and in-depth knowledge provided a positive environment for our 5-year old doberman, Bonnie, to learn and thrive in.  We weren't sure there was much that could be done to reform Bonnie's behavior that revolved around separation anxiety and aggression toward other dogs.  


During our one-on-one training sessions, we learned techniques that changed the way we interacted with Bonnie and resulted in immediate positive behavioral changes.  We can't recommend Indi enough.  Bonnie is happier and healthier - as are we!  Thank you Indi!!!


-Jennifer, Kean and Bonnie Sayre