Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

At Positive Outcomes Dog Training, we understand how stressful it can be to have a dog who's behavior is out of control. That's what we're here for! Our certified dog trainer, Indi will help teach your dog clear boundaries and basic obedience, as well as work through problem behaviors in a gentle, and effective way. Your dog will have fun learning, and you'll enjoy the lasting benefits of training for years to come! 

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When you first got your dog, did you imagine things going a little differently? Maybe you pictured coming home to a wagging tail, enjoying a peaceful evening with your family and your dog, taking a nice walk and calling it a night.


For a lot of people, it looks a little more like this... You come home to a dog jumping all over you and yet another pair of shoes destroyed. Your "peaceful evening" is now filled with excessive barking, and trying to make sure your dog isn't getting into anything. As for the nice walk, your dog is walking you instead of the other way around. Sound familiar?


Don't worry, we're here to help! Our dog trainer, Indi has extensive experience training dogs with a wide range of behaviors, including separation anxiety and aggression. 


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Is your dog showing signs of aggression towards other dogs or people? Learn more about how we can help!




Our trainer, Indi will also teach your dog a good base of commands for significantly better obedience in your home and in public. 


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Our trainer, Indi with her dog, Bear.


Our dogs were adopted from a shelter three years ago and they had some behavioral problems when we brought them home. India taught us how to correct their bad behaviors and reward their good behaviors and they are now a joy to share our home with. We would unconditionally recommend India for dog training.


The Kidds, Blacksburg VA



We just wanted to say thank your for your help. We really see an improvement. We let Charley out just a few minutes ago without the leash, and called him back and he just came without a problem. We really enjoyed knowing that Charley was loved and safe.


Lisa and Clarence, Dublin VA