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Positive Reinforcement
Training in Wilmington, NC.

Welcome to Positive Outcomes Dog Training! Our mission is to help our clients understand their dogs on a whole new level and to create a solid training foundation that will last a lifetime.


We provide a unique training experience through our group training classes and educational seminars. Our certified dog trainer, India Hopkins, has spent the last ten years helping hundreds of families successfully train their dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments. Indi will show you how to set clear boundaries with your dog as well as work through common dog behaviors such as jumping, puppy biting, begging for food, pulling on the leash etc. She will also teach your pup all of the essential commands for better behavior at home and in public!


We are so excited to go on this training journey with you.

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Hey all, I'm Indi! I moved here to Wilmington in December, 2019 after training dogs for close to

ten years in VA. I ended up in the dog training world very unexpectedly after many years of avoiding dogs at all costs. The story begins way back in 1989 when I was just two years old. I was trampled by several excitable blue tick hounds who had gotten out of their pen. They were just wanting to play rough, but my two year old mind didn't quite understand that. And so began a phobia that lasted about twenty years. 


Fast forward to 2008... I was in my early twenties and was still terrified of dogs! I was really tired of being scared to walk down the street out of fear that a dog might be loose, and was finally ready to do something about it. I began by doing walk-throughs at the local animal shelter. I would go two or three times a week and walk up and down the aisle with dogs barking on both sides. I was intrigued by a scared looking pitbull all the way in the back of the shelter. After months of regular visits to the shelter, the staff informed me that the pittie in the back would be euthanized that weekend if she wasn't adopted.  Read more about Indi's training evolution...




Give your puppy a great start with our Positive Puppy Training Classes! We have classes for both early puppyhood, as well as

teenage puppies. We will work through all of the common problem behaviors including jumping, puppy- biting, house training and much more... 

Your puppy will also learn all of the basic commands and will have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies each week.

We have new classes beginning soon, and would love to have you and your puppy join us! You can find more information about our classes here.


We are so excited to bring a new kind of training experience to Wilmington, NC. Our trainer Indi will be covering a different training topic in depth with each 90 minute seminar. 


Join us for our next educational seminar on Recognizing and Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Dogs. We'll be meeting on Sunday, December 12th at 2:00 pm at Unleashed on Front in Downtown Wilmington.

This is a FREE EVENT! We will be collecting donations for Monty's Home. We can't wait to see you there.

Learn more here!


Coming soon! Beginning in early 2022, we will be offering specialty classes to help dogs with specific challenges and behaviors.


Class sizes are kept small to ensure lots of one on one time with our trainer. 

We will have different class options available to suit your dog's specific needs.

Classes will include...

Timid Dog Training Class

Recall Training Class

Adult Dog Training Class

Stay tuned! More information and training schedule coming soon.



Highly recommend Indi!!! She was amazing working with me and my newly adopted 8 month old lab, Charli. Indi is extremely knowledgeable and it was clear from the jump that she understood dogs on a deeper level. She was able to help me better understand my dog's needs and body language from the very first session. We did 6 private sessions covering basic command training, establishing household boundaries, walking on leash, and strategies to handle a variety of different situations with the ultimate goal of being able to bring my dog to public places. Within the first 2 weeks I saw drastic positive changes in Charli's ability to listen to commands and understand her new home environment. Over the 6 sessions we did training in home, at several public parks & dog parks, and ended with navigating a busy downtown environment. Charli was very responsive to indi's methods and I now feel confident in bringing her with me to dog friendly places around town. My dog has become much more well behaved around the house, on leash, and in public places ; allowing us to build a great bond and enjoy our time together. Thanks Indi!!!

Steve Solecki: Wilmington, NC

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