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Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
in Wilmington, NC.

Spring Training Sale! Receive 10% off of any training classes or private training program when you book by Friday, May 31st.

Welcome to Positive Outcomes Dog Training! We proudly provide Wilmington, NC with excellent positive reinforcement-based puppy training classes and private dog training programs. Our Certified Dog Trainer, India Hopkins, has dedicated the last fourteen years to helping families create a peaceful and enjoyable life with their dogs. Indi will walk you and your dog through each step of the training process, using scientifically proven, reward-based methods.

Our positive puppy training and teenage puppy training classes are designed to cover all the bases to set your pup off on the right paw. This includes setting clear boundaries for better behavior at home and in public, basic command training as well as behavior modification for common puppy behaviors. Your puppy will have a blast as he learns to properly socialize with the other dogs and people in the class!


We also offer private dog training programs for families with dogs who are experiencing more complex behaviors. Our trainer will design a well-rounded, positive reinforcement training plan that is unique to you and your dog. We would love to hear all about your dog! Contact us to schedule your free phone consultation.

We're so excited to go on this training journey with you!

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Working with Indi has truly been an amazing experience. When we first met with her, we worked with our dog Apollo on tasks like leaving/dropping things that were not her toys, she also helped train with socialization and being around people and other dogs. After the time with Indi, Apollo listens so well and is now doing well being around people and in public. We love her training style and would recommend her to anyone!!

Beckie Kiernan

What a difference Indi’s training made for my dog and me! Indi transformed a sometimes unruly dog into a delightful companion, eager to please and quick to respond to word or signal commands. Indi took the time to understand what was needed, customizing the training to help adjust my dog’s behavior. Thank you, Indi, for the huge difference your training made in the quality of my dog’s life and mine! Rebecca Swanson

Indi is incredible and helped my dog and myself grow so much through her training. She is very patient, persistent, and knowledgeable and makes the most out of her hour sessions. I’d recommend her to anyone. Rocky and I appreciate her so much!

Sean Hood

Indi is great at what she does. She has a real passion for the dogs. She really helped us center our dogs energy through games and fun.  She is very patient with the dog and the family. I would highly recommend her!

Justin Martin

Indi was recommended by a friend. We have a puppy w a few unwanted behaviors and we wanted her to be well behaved. We choose Indi to help with these things instead of conventional training programs. Extremely pleased! Our pup responds to all the things we have learned. Indi was so easy to work with and made everything so simple to understand. A well trained dog is a great dog that everyone can enjoy being around. Thanks Indi for the positive training!

Sandra Rakes

Awesome doesn't even begin to describe our experience with Indi! We were so pleased with her techniques and how quickly our dog responded to her. Her teaching was so effective considering we got much more accomplished than we had counted on. I would recommend Indi to anyone without hesitation. Thanks again, Indi!

Haley Thomas

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Give your puppy a great start with our Positive Puppy Training Classes! We have classes for both early puppyhood, as well as

teenage puppies. We will work through all of the common problem behaviors including jumping, puppy- biting, house training and much more... 

Your puppy will also learn all of the basic commands and will have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies each week.

We have new classes beginning soon and would love to have you and your puppy join us! You can find more information about our training classes here.


Is your dog experiencing more complex behaviors around your home or in public? Private training may be the best route. 

Our Certified Dog Trainer will create a training program specifically designed for you and your dog. She will help you understand the root of your dog's behavior. 

Indi's private training program will help you build a stronger bond with your dog, as they learn important skills and better behaviors. 

You'll be amazed at how much can change!

You can learn more about our private training programs here.


In addition to teaching classes and providing private training, we also provide specialized training for staff at our local veterinary hospitals in and around Wilmington, NC.  

Your staff will learn more about positive reinforcement-based dog training, and will walk away with new skills for working with animals both at work and at home.


Indi will teach some simple techniques for lowering stress for the dogs in their care, as well as effective tools for bite prevention. 

We would love to help you create a safer work environment for your staff! Contact us here.



My name is Indi, and I'm originally from the Appalachian Mountains in SWVA. I moved here to Wilmington in December, 2019. I received my dog training certification in 2010 and have spent the last 13 years training dogs and their handlers. I ended up in the dog training world very unexpectedly after many years of avoiding dogs at all costs. The story begins way back in 1989 when I was just two years old. I was trampled by several excitable blue tick hounds who had gotten out of their pen. I was completely overwhelmed by the experience, and this led to me developing a severe phobia of dogs. This fear affected my life in many ways until...


Fast forward to 2008... I was so tired of being scared to walk down the street out of fear that a dog might be loose. I was tired of the awkward conversations of having to ask friends to put their dogs in another room if I was coming over. I was finally ready to do something about it, and so I began by doing walk-throughs at the local animal shelter. I would go two or three times a week and walk up and down the aisle with dogs barking on both sides. I was intrigued by a scared looking pitbull all the way in the back of the shelter. After months of regular visits to the shelter, the staff informed me that the little pittie in the back would be euthanized that weekend if she wasn't adopted...



Serving Wilmington, NC
(910) 320-8538

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Serving Wilmington, NC
(910) 320-8538

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